The Meditation Trail is a cooperative effort of Abiding Savior Lutheran Church and Covenant Presbyterian Church. Native vegetation is supplemented with flowering plants to ensure that something is blooming every month. The first loop of the trail was established more than 10 years ago around the wetlands east of the churches. Many changes have taken place since then including the addition of several bridges and trail sections, with a total trail length today of more than 1/2 mile. Trail guides and maps are in mailboxes at both ends of the trail and additional sign posts and markers guide you along the way.

The trail is intended to help individuals reflect upon their daily lives and enjoy the wonders of God's creation. The trail is used by both congregations for scout troop and youth nature walks or treasure hunts, adult classes can look for plants mentioned in the Bible, and joggers can run it any time (or go around several times!). Guided tours are available by members from both congregations.